a place to get married

February 25, 2010

Here is a sneak preview of the location at which we will be married! We love how rustic and charming this South Carolina State Park is, and as soon as we saw the wooden amphitheater there, we knew it was perfect for us. Named for the seventh US President, the park also gives us ample opportunity to make wisecracks, many to the effect of “not just manifest destiny…MARITAL destiny!” Har har. Yeah, expect to NOT see the name “Andrew Jackson” appearing anywhere on our wedding invitation, as I’ve taken it upon myself to re-name the amphitheater to something a bit more romantic. I think “The Amphitheater in the Woods” sounds far better…

This beautiful old amphitheater and nearby pavilion suit Luke and I perfectly and provide the exact setting we want for our wedding: relaxed, simple and out in nature. It’s going to be a wonderful evening full of marital bliss, food, drinks and music. Not to mention horseshoes, cornhole, and…well, we’re still working on ping-pong.

It’s going to be the best day of our lives to date, and we want you there to share it with us. We can’t wait!

196 Andrew Jackson Park Road, Lancaster, SC
(803) 285-3344


3 Responses to “a place to get married”

  1. Sarah Knight Says:

    oh my goodness! this place is gorgeous! It looks like exactly what you were hoping for:) I’m happy for you guys!!!

  2. can’t wait to photography your wedding! glad you found the perfect place

  3. twofern Says:

    Looks perfect Margaret! I hope you use mason jars in your decorating (maybe with tea lights hung from the trees or in rows along the benches) 🙂 Love it.

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