November 18, 2009

Miss Mary Adelaide. I have been waiting to show the finished product of my niece’s birth announcements, but I ran into a sort of road block… not owning a camera. The shots I’ve been posting are from my roommate Allison’s Canon, but who wants someone else’s mitts all over your expensive electronics? So I felt guilty (in addition to the subtle hint I got when she started keeping it on her person at all times) and started scoping the interwebs for a good deal. Enter Craigslist. Some people have trouble with this modern wonder, but I have had smooth sailing all the way through multiple transactions, and I’m very pleased with my newest purchase: a Canon PowerShot SD950 IS. It has literally been years since I’ve owned a nice camera, so I (almost) didn’t mind dropping the cash for this one. Plus, I got a great deal, if I do say so myself. I’m loving the camera and, after 5 years, enjoying having one that takes decent pictures. Maybe now I will actually start documenting this time period of my life. But enough of that… here are more pictures of the announcements:

For my very first large-ish edition letterpress project, I’m happy with them & quite excited to be able to give these to my brother and sister-in-law. Off they will go in the mail later today! I hope all who see them enjoy them, despite the fact the child is now 10 weeks old… live and learn, right? And how cute is she? I haven’t seen her since that day she was born, so I’m dying to get home for Thanksgiving to hold her and see that adorable smirk for myself.


2 Responses to “Presenting…”

  1. twofern Says:

    Yay for a new camera!

  2. Monica Denton Says:

    Beautiful job you did, Margaret! Mary is a precious baby. Wish I could see her and Grace and all the Boecker family. Love.

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