Traditional Pomanders

November 15, 2009

When I think pomanders, images of tissue-paper-pierced foam balls come to mind. Personally, I think they’ve been a bit overdone in the wedding scene lately–yet I still love them. They have a great look–very whimsical–and, from what I understand, are a significant amount of work (this etsy shop, featured on the front page today, got me on this kick). I think when it comes time, I’d be willing to put the time in to create some of these, but when I did a google search to find out how, I was directed to the original idea behind pomanders.


Does this look familiar to anyone? Orange pomander balls are whole-clove-infused, great-smelling decorations I used to make when I was young. The smell of cloves always ushers in memories of stabbing oranges and inevitably leaving them unfinished (I don’t recall ever completing one–they, too, take so long to make!). I just think they are so cute and nostalgic. I can see them being used in any kind of fall and winter decor, and I love how earthy they are compared to the syrofoam & tissue pomanders we have become accustomed to.





This last idea is my favorite. So festive! Here’s a link to a tutorial for making traditional holiday pomanders.


One Response to “Traditional Pomanders”

  1. twofern Says:

    Little Women? 🙂

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