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November 12, 2009

Lately I’ve been increasingly drawn to white in interior spaces. This past summer in Charlotte, NC, I stayed in the bright red guest room of a couple’s very colorful home (who was spending the season in Chicago). As summer waned, this couple decided to sell the house to begin a new life at Messiah College where the husband (new daddy, too) took a job as assistant soccer coach. What did this mean for my 3 fellow tenants and I? Paint crews made several trips and drastically changed the interior of several rooms, mine being one of them. One day I went to work and upon returning home that night, my red walls had been transformed (by who knows how many coats of paint) into a crisp white–and my endearment for the room actually grew exponentially. The bedspread was already white with a few shades of red in the throw pillows. A white bookshelf and white windowseat created the perfect canvas as I was able to accent with little bursts of color, like wooden crates and colored glassware. Light absolutely flooded the room. I never, ever would have guessed I’d like so much white in a room–but thus began my obsession.

When I moved into our house here in Rochester, the walls in my room were peptobismol pink–true story. On move-in day, I was the first to arrive. I pulled into the driveway, took out a strategically-packed box, left everything else sitting in my brother’s beat-up pickup truck and proceeded up to my room to paint. 4 coats and 5 hours later, I had three white walls and one wall waiting to be painted a soft green, which is the way my room looks now.


Look relaxing? It is. In fact, white spaces can be the most calming and relaxing of all. I know my draw to white rooms has to be a result of its spirited re-emergence into the world of interiors. Just look at some of these:




I love this last one especially–such intelligent usage of clean whites and calming earthtones. I plan on incorporating the use of whites paired with subtle undertones in many upcoming events & work… it honestly never hurts to simplify (graphic and interior) design, and what better way than to utilize clean whites?


2 Responses to “white space ::”

  1. Sarah Knight Says:

    I love white too but am also drawn to lots of color. I guess the fear is that white walls = boring or I couldn’t pull it off. But saw this post in Graphic Exchange and I must have looked at these photos a dozen times, it changed my mind about white. I swoon!

  2. mrswoo Says:

    I find white rooms too stark and opt for varying tones of sludge.

    Otherwise I get an overwhelming urge to draw on the snowy walls.

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