Weekends for inspiration

November 9, 2009

It began with the latest Anthropologie catalog & these lovely letter ornaments… 983243_095_bI decided that this month I’ll be compiling ideas for Christmas gifts and and then spending the preceeding month before Christmas constructing them.  I think these ornaments are so sweet; very personalize-able (hmm… probably not a word)  and I’m thinking not too difficult to make by hand.

On Saturday, Luke was here and we went into several used book stores–a favorite place of ours to spend time. I can’t seem to leave one without buying a book (or 2 or 3), and I won’t deny that sometimes I buy an old, worn book just for the way it looks. Will I ever read Shakespeare’s The Two Gentleman of Verona? I can’t say for sure that I will, but I love looking at it on my bookshelf.

Yesterday afternoon I met with Mary Dougherty to show her around the Book Arts Center. I always love to share its richness of history and art, so if you’re ever in the area and want to see the studio I’d love to give you a tour, too. I love chatting with Mary and her work is not the only thing that inspires me–I very much admire her achievement in pursuing what she loves to do and building a small business from the ground up. That should send a message out to everyone who is not currently following their dream. Check out this amazing photo from a wedding she shot this weekend: Mary Dougherty Photo Blog

Then last night I was the joyous recipient of a lone ticket to Neko Case at the Harro East Ballroom in Rochester (similar to Babeville’s Asbury Hall in Buffalo if you’ve been there). I went with Mitch, director at the Book Arts Center, his wife Elaine, and the folks who gave me the ticket: a sweet couple who are involved at the center: Jim Malley (owner of Mercury Posters on Monroe) and his girlfriend Jen, a printmaker. They were so nice to give me the ticket and the show was beautiful–I love it when I see an artist perform live and it inspires me to really explore and enjoy them further, embracing the music all the more. If you know of Neko Case, you know she has the most soothing voice and her music is breathtaking. Her sound alone inspires me enough, but I especially loved the visuals she included in her show: surreal, interesting projections of footage or animations going on behind her throughout every song, reminding me of something Jesse Stoddard or I might put together. I can’t seem to find any footage from a show on her tour, but here’s the video for “Maybe Sparrow” which represents well her keen eye for interesting visuals.

Ha. I have to include this guy whose self-recording of Neko’s “This Tornado Loves You” made me chuckle because it’s so cute (especially when he explains that he can’t find his tripod, so propped the camera up in a tree). Precious. Where in the world is he? No wonder he has little more to do than record himself singing Neko.

Lastly, I have been hearing much ado about some art happenings at Houghton in which a former student submitted a piece of artwork to an alumni show and it was tossed out with the idea that it was not art, but garbage. I admire my professor Ted Murphy and appreciate his take on “questionable” art that he submitted to the Star–his writing is always worth reading.

The upcoming week is going to be busy with projects and I’ll update you as I go. The weather is beautiful, I have my Monday coffee in hand, and it’s going to be a great week!


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