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September 19, 2009

Today I’m visiting Canaltown Coffee Roasters  for my internet access. I purchased some Costa Rican beans from this little shop the other day, which reminded me of the bags one of my roommates brought from Costa Rica last year. It was some of the best coffee I’ve ever had.

I spent the morning yard saling–one of my favorite activities! My room is pretty sparse with only my bed and some built-in drawers/closet (though its size may prevent much more), so I purchased a side table that will be perfect. It’s shabby and old w/ worn white legs and a kelly green top. I may paint the top gray or a paler green. Either way, it’ll look right at home, especially next to my paint-chipped white and brass double bed from my childhood.

I have always enjoyed interior decorating and design. Nothing gets my blood pumping like thinking of the possibilities when it comes to improving the look of a room. I have thought long and hard about one day attempting to flip a house, but that is an undertaking I won’t be ready for for a while. Right now I’ll stick to the space I have–a drafty but charming 100 yr old house in Rochester, NY I’m sharing with two friends. We absolutely love the house with its hardwood floors, many windows into the big living room & a whole wall of built-in bookshelves, basement with ancient “canning closets,” and most of all beautiful location right in a large park. I feel very safe when I see so many people out even after dusk running, walking their dogs, and enjoying the beautiful late summer.

I’m getting anxious to get home and place my new yard sale finds. See ya!


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