beauty in both rain & shine

September 16, 2009

Today’s Wi-fi is provided by Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters. I love this little place and the girl who works in the am. She’s good at chatting up her customers without being overbearing. She is also quite knowledgeable about coffee.

 This morning while I was driving to help get the boys ready for school, the clouds were spectacular. Indeed, they are still spectacular.  Today can’t decide whether to rain or shine. I even saw a magnificent rainbow…

This morning: sunrise clouds were out of this world& it was r... on Twitpic

So, I think I would love to own a little shop one day. Handmade paper goods: invitations, announcements, greeting cards & the like. This is what I imagine I would enjoy. I love to have a final product in my artwork, which is rare when your work is primarily computer-based. During my senior year of college I began working in Photoshop to create digital prints. I printed them on a beautiful Epson R260 (on loan from the Communication department) on my own handmade paper and was very happy with the result. I really miss doing the work, and I would love to produce again, but first I need some gear: macbook, printer, software. How I miss these resources at my fingertips–perks of being a student. I’m beginning to realize more and more of those every day. MFA search time?

A small girl just approached me in the coffee shop. Her: “Hi!” Me: “Hello!” / “Can I come sit with you?” / “Sure. What’s your name?” / “Trinity. I’m three and a half. I’m still in my jammies!” (Picks up my cell phone) “This is a very nice little phone you have.” / “Thank you.” / “Would you like one of these?” (handing me ShearEgo Men’s Club brochure from table) / “Yes. Thank you.” / “Would you like three of them?” / “I would love three of them.” / “Okay, bye!”

She was wearing fuzzy blue jammies and she had the blondest curly hair. So cute.


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