blame it on the lack of wireless internet in my house

September 14, 2009

Each day I don’t update a blog is one less blog entry I have on that blog.

Currently, I’m nannying 3 unruly boys in Rochester. This is my life for the next year. Alaina, Allison and I don’t have internet in our charming house yet so I regularly scope out places to use Wi-fi (today it’s Abundance Cooperative Market off of Monroe Ave) to look for jobs and “conduct business,” as Alaina and I say (code for Facebook-stalking). This market is amazing. Many wonderful, wholesome, organic products.

Interestingly enough, today while I was in the middle of e-mailing a company about a job, I got a call from another company about a job. The company calling was a dental office. Even though they offered benefits for part-time, I really don’t want to accept another job unless it’s art related. I miss art. I need art. I need to learn new things and continue my exploring and experimenting. So we’ll see how I will end up filling my lengthy spare time–I’m confident something will come up. Until then, I’ll hang out at Abundance and get really excited at their huge buckets of fresh ground nut butter varieties and, perhaps, continue to update this blog.


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